The Sunday record was nearly 100 to excess of the pool usage record established in July 1934, when 650 persons found relief from heat.

The pool was opened at 10 a.m. by Emil Cassier, park superintendent, who said at one time in the afternoon, a long line of swimmers waited their turn in the pool. Every time a swimmer went out, another from the line was admitted.

The extreme heat did not keep golfers away from the course at the Sycamore Park, and the picnic tables received a fine play during the day.

The crowd at the baseball game during the afternoon, saw Sycamore defeat Hampshire. It was estimated that more than 1,000 witnessed the game.

Derived from columns from the Sycamore True Republican saved and recorded by the Joiner History Room and the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Sycamore Park District. Articles were condensed and rewritten by Dan Gustafson with the intent to keep them as factual as the original.