About Sycamore Parks Foundation

Sycamore Parks Foundation was created in 2021 to secure philanthropic support for the rapidly growing Sycamore Park District with a focus on promoting social equity, health and wellness, and conservation. The foundation graciously receives various donations on behalf of the Park District and responsibly administers them for the greater good or according to the donor’s specific request. It is a not-for-profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization comprised of members from the community at large and Park District Staff.


To make connections between resources and the essential needs of a vibrant park system.

We do this by

  • Helping the Park District become stronger stewards of our parks, natural areas, and open land by promoting generous giving and resource sharing within the community.
  • Raising funds through private and corporate contributions, pursuing grants, and seeking in-kind donations to enhance the Park District.
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration to create efficiencies among the many individuals, organizations, and businesses whose goals, projects, and activities work towards enhancing life in Sycamore through the betterment of recreational opportunities.
  • Inspiring all members of the community to be users, advocates, and supporters of the Park District through information sharing, education, and raising awareness about the District’s, past present and future.

Core Values

  • We value Equity by recognizing and aiding all groups in our community to reap the benefits of a vibrant parks system and continually seek new ways to engage with diverse user groups.
  • We value Transparency through responsible philanthropic policies and practices.
  • We value Sustainability and support the conservation of Sycamore’s green space for recreation and the well-being of the individual, today’s community, and future generations.
  • We value Connections that support the mission of the Sycamore Park District in its effort to connect sycamore to wellness, nature, and each other.

Board Members

Karen Schmitt, President

Edward Valdez, Treasurer

Becky Metcalf, Secretary

Current Projects

Outdoor Pickleball Courts

The Sycamore Park District and School District have partnered to transition the old tennis courts at West Elementary School into outdoor pickleball courts. Used for staff parking during the school year, this cooperative effort will ensure the space can be repurposed and utilized year-round. The School District will resurface the lot and paint pickleball court lines while the Sycamore Parks Foundation supports the purchase of removable nets and posts.

Thank you to everyone who has donated! We have reached our $4,000 fundraising goal. Project updates coming soon!

Band Shelter

The GoodTymes shelter and surrounding spaces is a beloved community icon and sought-after space for family and community events. The addition of a band shelter for musical performances, lectures, and ceremonies will make this high-use space even more dynamic and functional.

Trail Connections

Tails connections are a top priority for residents and local bodies of government. The connection we are focusing on include Parkside Preserve to the new Riverside Sports Complex, Great Western Trail Extension: Phase II, off-road paths from northern Sycamore to downtown.


Education is the first step toward making connections. We hope to inspire all members of the community to be users, advocates, and supporters of the Park District. This includes informing people about opportunities that can be found in their park system as well as environmental education to strengthen connections to nature and sustainability.

Memorial Display

The Park District Board has renamed the Sports Complex, Citizens Memorial Sports Complex, celebrating all of the groups and individuals who have helped enhance this park or contributed to supporting youth athletics over the years. A new memorial will celebrate their legacy and become a space to honor those who continue to make a difference now and in the future.