On Legacy Campus • 480 Airport Road • 815-895-3365

Rules and Regulations

Membership Tags

The following are required at the time of purchase:

  1. Proof of residency
  2. A document from your veterinary office showing proof of up-to-date vaccines for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. A Rabies tag number will not be accepted as proof of vaccination.
  3. Photo of your dog. Feel free to bring your dog into the Community Center or have a clear photo on your phone.

Purchase your dog(s) membership tag at the Community Center.

First Dog: Resident $25 | Nonresident $35
Additional Dog(s): $5

Daily Fee

Daily Passes can be purchased from the Community Center during building hours, with proof of required vaccines of Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.

Resident $5 | Nonresident $10

About the Park

The Park District strives to create a facility that meets the safety and cleanliness standards that you and your pet expect and deserve. The membership and daily fee allows the District to directly dedicate staff time to the facility for

  • Regular cleanup, mowing, and shelter/fence upkeep.
  • Enforcing policies and appropriate behavior by working with local police if an incident is reported, monitoring cameras and performing spot checks.
  • Providing services that enhance your membership and experience at the park, including
    • Waste bags and a pet drinking fountain
    • Free WiFi intent and device charging station
    • Email correspondence for important information and notices about the facility

Natural Areas for All to Enjoy

Brian Bemis Family Dog ParkThe naturalized areas within the park are planted with a diverse mix of native grasses and flowers including Sand Coreopsis, Purple Prairie Clover, Button Blazingstar, Blackeyed Susan, Little Bluestem, New England Aster and more! Dogs are welcome to play and explore these high-grass areas even as they are still becoming established. Human traffic, however, can potentially cause enough of a disturbance to be detrimental to the plants’ growth.

The establishment of these natural areas takes several years and requires constant maintenance to remove non-native plants. Throughout this process, there is a possibility of plants growing that could be harmful to your dog.

The Park District is aware of these plants and does its best to manage them, but their invasive nature makes them difficult to control and impossible to fully eradicate. Most of the plants considered to be dangerous have short growth cycles and will be controlled once native plants establish. All non native plants found within the dog park also occur with great abundance virtually everywhere outside the dog park.

Policing your dog and preventing it from ingesting any plants it encounters within the dog park will help reduce any risks.

For the safety of pets and owners, the park will be closed while crews are on site working and for 24 hours following an herbicide application. Whenever possible, the Park District will notify members in advance of these closings.