Drop in Pickleball

Bring your equipment or check it out at the front desk. Four, lined Pickleball courts are part of the Open gym times, so you can pay a daily fee or purchase an annual pass. If no one shows up during the designated Pickleball court time, it will then be open to the public for other sports. Park District programs will take priority of courts if there is inclement weather and classes move indoors. Outdoor courts are available at West School.

Daily Fee Open Gym Fee: Resident $6 | Nonresident $9
Mon-Fri (up to 4 courts): 8-11am
Sat (1 court) 8-10am & 5-6pm
Sun (2 courts) 12-2pm

Pickleball Classes

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Intro to Pickleball
This four-week group class is designed to introduce players to the sport of pickleball. Players will learn about the necessary equipment and gear, safety and injury prevention, rules, scoring, basic shots, skills, drills, and strategy. Players will also have the opportunity to play games each week.

Pickleball Classes & Drill Sessions
Four-week group sessions range from an introduction to the game to high-level skill development. Bring your own paddle or use equipment provided during class.

Pickleball Fitness
Prepare yourself for pickleball greatness with our new warm-up class! This specialty class is designed to help players of all levels boost their speed, coordination, and overall performance on the court. During this class, our instructor will guide you through a series of dynamic exercises and drills specifically tailored for pickleball. We understand the importance of a proper warm-up to prevent injuries and optimize your game.

Pickleball Lessons

Private and Semi-private with Brad Benson
Brad will train you towards better skills and techniques to up your game as well as beginner basics! Call the Park District to set a time. Registration and payment are handled on-site at the time of the lesson. For questions call the Service Desk at 815-895-3365.

Private (One on One): Resident $45 | Nonresident $55
Semi-Private (2-4 people): Resident $35 | Nonresident $45