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Jonelle Bailey

Executive Director, CPRP, MAOL

815-770-2091 jonelleb@sycparks.org
Jackie Hienbuecher
Jackie Hienbuecher

Superintendent of Finance & Business Services, CPA, CPRP

815-314-0975 jackieh@sycparks.org
Jeff Donahoe

Superintendent of Parks & Facilities,

815-770-5397 jeffd@sycparks.org
Lisa Metcalf

Superintendent of Recreation Services, CTRS

815-770-5267 lisam@sycparks.org
Jeanette Freeman

Office Manager

815-315-4259 jeanettef@sycparks.org
Sarah Rex

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, CPRP

815-770-5378 sarahr@sycparks.org


Paul Price

Superintendent of Golf Operations

815-770-2097 paulp@sycparks.org
Donald Carlson

Pro Shop Manager

815-895-3884 donaldc@sycparks.org


Chris Hoblit

Recreation Supervisor, CPP

815-669-4172 chrish@sycparks.org
Will Turner

Recreation Supervisor, CPRP

815-770-2668 willt@sycparks.org
Tracy Oczkowski

Customer Service Specialist

815-895-3365 tracyo@sycparks.org
Jerry Dobson

Park District Buildings Custodian

815-516-5088 jerryd@sycparks.org
Melissa Dobberstein

Events, Food & Beverage Coordinator, CPP

815-348-9038 melissad@sycparks.org
Missy Favier

Food and Beverage Assistant



Steve Tritt

Assistant Superintendent for Golf Course, GCSAA

815-770-5480 stevet@sycparks.org
Conner Leach

Fleet Mechanic, CPO

815-770-5488 connerl@sycparks.org
Kiara Rodriguez

Natural Areas Specialist

815-770-5827 kiarar@sycparks.org
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Park District Maintenance

Tyler Burke

Park District Maintenance

Brent Horn

Park District Maintenance

Jeremy Snow

Park District Maintenance

Aric Coleman

Golf Course Maintenance

Josh Chesser

Golf Course Maintenance

CPA=Certified Public Accountant
CPO=Certified Pool Operator
CPP=Certified Program Planner
CPRP = Certified Park and Recreation Professional
CPSI=Certified Playground Safety Inspector
CTRS=Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
GCSAA=Golf Course Superintendents Assoc. of America
MAOL=Master’s in Organizational Leadership