The Sycamore Park District Community Center operates a gymnasium with 4 courts that can accommodate basketball, pickleball, volleyball, soccer, and other recreational activities.

All ages are welcome. Ages 9 and under must be accompanied by an individual age 16+. Both participants must pay the fee or show a pass.

Open Gym Schedule

Current Open Gym Schedule
Basketball Basketball is always open, while additional activities may be scheduled. The gym quadrant capacity is 20 people for basketball.
Volleyball 1 court available daily. Please call to check availability | 815-895-3365
Weekday Pickleball Mon-Fri: 8-11am (4 courts)
Weekend Pickleball Sat: 8-11am & 5-6pm (1 court) | Sun: 12-2pm (2 courts)

All other hours of open gym operation are first come first serve. The Park District has priority use of gym space for events and rentals.

Open Gym Fees

Open Gym Fees
Daily Admission Resident $6 | Nonresident $9
5-Visit Prepaid Card Resident $21 | Nonresident $34
Individual Annual 12-month Pass  Resident $56 | Nonresident $83