After years of growth, the Board will now look inward, using the resources it has to efficiently and responsibly continue to grow the District into a strong and sustainable agency – laying the groundwork for a successful future full of possibilities beyond 2025!

Sustaining the Legacy: 2025Sustaining the Legacy

While last year’s community-wide survey will help identify how to allocate resources and funds, the Board will still be faced with some tough decisions. Long-term sustainability of the District and responsible use of taxpayers’ dollars will be the guiding principles when faced with these challenges. Some of the first projects the District will focus on include Clubhouse updates, playground replacements, and expanded programming.

Current and Upcoming Construction Projects

Founders Park Now Open!
Playground renovation includes replacing existing equipment and swings with new structures for ages 5-12 and 2-5 play areas and new swings. New playground safety surfacing of engineered wood fiber will be laid. The curb will be adjusted and expanded, the lawn will be restored, and benches added. The existing Founders Park playground was donated to Kids Around the World, an organization that connects underserved areas to gently used play equipment.

Reston Ponds New Neighborhood Park!
Shodeen Homes has graded and seeded the area in preparation for development.

In July 2022 the Park District was awarded $240,300 in grant funds for the Reston Ponds Park Development Project. This opportunity was made possible through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ (IDNR) Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) program.

The grant will fund development of Phase I Projects: Playground, Small loop trail, Picnic shelter, Soccer field, Pickleball court, Native landscaping buffer and educational sign. Additional amenities including a second pickleball court, large loop trail, tennis court, basketball court, and a parking lot will be phased in over the coming years. Construction is set to begin fall 2023.

Reston Ponds Master Plan

North Grove Crossing New Neighborhood Park!
The Park District and North Grove Crossing HOA are working together to develop the designated park space in this neighborhood. They are in year one of a five-year phased plan to bring exciting park elements to the site.

North Grove Master Plan

ACTION 2020: Citizens Memorial Sports Complex Now Open!
Construction of the new ball diamonds is complete as well as a disc golf course, bocce ball court, playground, parking lot, and shelter. One field is ready to be utilized for the 2023 season.

Development Plan: Sports Complex (Citizens Memorial Park)

ACTION 2020: Riverside Soccer Complex Now Open!

Construction Plan: Riverside Sports Complex

ACTION 2020: Great Western Trail Extension – Segment I Now Open
Segment one goes from Sycamore Forest Preserve and the Great Western Trail trailhead to Page Street. This connection will open this fall.

Map and Location: Great Western Trail Extension

ACTION 2020: Great Western Trail Extension – Segment II
Segment two goes from Page and Pleasant Streets in Sycamore to Old Mill Park. The Park District will receive federal grant funding through IDOT’s Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program to complete this project. Currently, we are working with land owners to secure the land need for the route.

Action 2020

Action 2020

The Park District is working on wrapping up its 7-project ACTION 2020 plan. While some things have been delayed due to frozen grant funds, all projects are still on track to be completed successfully!

Timeline for Completion

Community Center Opened spring 2018
Splash Fountain Opened summer 2018
Northwestern Medicine Sled Hill Opened winter 2019
Brian Bemis Family Dog Park Opened spring 2019
Trail Connection 1: Brickville Road to Sycamore Middle School Opened summer 2018
Trail Connection 2: Great Western Trail Extension
Phase I: Sycamore Forest Preserve to Page St. Opened fall 2021
Phase II: Page St. to Old Mill Park Grant received – opening TBD
Golf Course Irrigation System Replacement Completed summer 2020
Sports Complex Expansion
Phase I: New Riverside Soccer Complex Opened spring 2022
Phase II: Development of Citizens Memorial Sports Complex Opened summer 2023