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  • Park Partnership with School District

    October 20, 1998
    Historical Timeline
    In cooperation with the School District’s new 12-acre South Prairie Elementary School site, an 8-acre park was developed. Now known as Kiwanis Park, this site still offers soccer fields, basketball courts, aRead More...
  • Park District Assumes Recreational Services Levy

    July 1, 1996
    Historical Timeline
    In 1996, the Park District successfully negotiated with the city of Sycamore to take over the responsibility of the city’s recreation commission and assume their levy for those services. With this 20-yearRead More...
  • Establishing the Special Recreation Assocation

    January 1, 1979
    Historical Timeline
    In 1979 the Sycamore Park District joined with the DeKalb Park District to create the DeKalb Sycamore Association of Special Recreation (DSASR) to offer recreational opportunities to community members with special needs.Read More...
  • Sports Complex Development

    May 22, 1977
    Historical Timeline
    In 1970 the District ventured into its largest land acquisition to that point. Directly to the east of their oldest site, the Community Park, the 85-acre parcel was originally an airport. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Work Progress Administration Pool Project

    August 15, 1934
    Historical Timeline
    A work relief project, meaning jobs for most of Sycamore’s 125 Idle, started with preliminary staking and moving. Cost was $21,000. Engineers staked out the approved site for Community Park’s $21,000 concrete swimming pool, the buildings which adjoined and the re-routed gravel drive as the first actual step toward construction. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Summer in Sycamore Park

    July 25, 1931
    Historical Timeline
    The entrance donated by Post 99 was complete at this time. The latest improvement at the community park was the installation of the lights on the pillars on each side of the new stone reentrance. In spite of the terrific heat, the grass was a vivid green and as smooth as velvet. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Entrance Donated by Post 99

    March 25, 1931
    Historical Timeline
    Construction was under way on the erection of a beautiful stone gateway at the west entrance of the park. The work was sponsored by Sycamore Post No. 99. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Sycamore Had a Modern 18-Hole Golf Course

    October 30, 1928
    Historical Timeline
    When plans and work were completed the following year, Sycamore had a modern 18-hole golf course. The land so generously donated by William McAllister, plus seven acres leased from St. Albans, completed plans. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Sycamore Park Grows to 95 Acres

    September 12, 1928
    Historical Timeline
    There were now 95 acres in Sycamore Park. A tract of fine land was to be added to Sycamore Community Park, squaring out the boundary, the unsolicited gift of William M. McAllister. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Expanding the Swimming Pool

    March 23, 1927
    Historical Timeline
    Work on deepening and enlarging the swimming pool at the Sycamore Community Park was in progress. The “peninsula” in front of the McAllister memorial bungalow was already reduced by the use of scapers. This week, contractor Kelly of Rochelle was expected, with his drag line outfit, to begin the work of deepening the pool. A cable to be run across the pool would support a bucket which would dip into the pool and make about two thirds of it much deeper. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Community Day: Sycamore Park Dedication

    July 16, 1925
    Historical Timeline
    The park was officially dedicated on July 16, 1925, in a celebration dubbed Community Day. In addition to tennis matches and golf, planned festivities included a baseball game, a baby buggy parade,Read More...
  • Sycamore Golf Course

    April 9, 1924
    Historical Timeline
    The park district was to make a golf course at no cost to taxpayers. There were more than 50 subscribers and well toward 200 were expected to join in the movement to provide Sycamore with a public golf course. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • Board of Park Commissioners Elected

    November 27, 1923
    Historical Timeline
    On November 27, 1923, the Sycamore Board of Park Commissioners was elected and the park district was voted to be formed. On Monday, December 3, 1923 Judge Pond in county court canvassed the election returns. A total of 1,500 votes had been cast with 812 being yes and 688 being no. It had passed by a margin of 8 percent. CLICK TO READ MORE
  • The Beginning

    October 6, 1923
    Historical Timeline
    The first notice of a mass meeting to be conducted by the park committee was published by the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce. This meeting was open to all, and it was urged that every voter attend and express himself freely and fully. This meeting was called after much discussion and canvassing of public sentiment. It was intended at that meeting to nominate 25 citizens as candidates for park commissioners. CLICK TO READ MORE