There were now 95 acres in Sycamore Park. A tract of fine land was to be added to Sycamore Community Park, squaring out the boundary, the unsolicited gift of William M. McAllister.

What was to be made of this most desirable gift had not been decided by the commissioners. It was suggested outside the board that an airplane landing field was needed and golfers suggested that the present 9-hole course be enlarged to an 18-hole course. However, the board wanted improvements, to include the planning of a large number of trees and flowering shrubs around the border and the laying out of drives. A landscape architect engaged to draw plans. It was estimated that Mr. McAllister’s donation of the cottage and real estate were valued at more than $14,000. He had contributed most liberally and unselfishly to many other enterprises for the public good from which he himself could not possible profit financially.

Derived from columns from the Sycamore True Republican saved and recorded by the Joiner History Room and the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Sycamore Park District. Articles were condensed and rewritten by Dan Gustafson with the intent to keep them as factual as the original.