Dog Training and Discussions

From the basics of a leash to the intricate work that can be done with an e-collar, and everything in between, the trainer shares his passion for helping people better their relationship with their dogs and excel at
handling and training. For more information contact Chris at

Jaybird Dog Training specializes in personalized companion dog training. Personalized classes are available on days and times at the participant’s convenience.

Basic Obedience Classes

Tuesdays | Resident $75 | Nonresident $85

February 6-March 12
6-6:45 | Dogs Ages 7 months or less | 1050702-01
7-7:45 | Dogs Ages 7 months or older | 1050702-02

April 2-May 7
6-6:45pm | Dogs Ages 7 months or Less | 1050702-03
7-7:45pm | Dogs Ages 7 months or Older | 1050702-04

Online Registration

Classes will focus on teaching dog owners how their dogs learn and how to teach basic movements. The classes would also teach when to add distractions for growth and timing and strategies for corrections.

Prerequisites for the classes are that the dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people and/or excessive barkers. We will be using food and play to teach. Please bring soft dog treats (something the dog really likes), a leash, and a collar.

Private Lessons

$25 per hour
Lessons will assess needs and offer instructions and advice tailored to the client’s needs. Examples of lesson objectives can range from basic obedience to retrieving techniques. Gather your friends or neighbors to address common concerns and questions about your pup with Private or Group Discussions.

Private Discussions

$25 per person per hour
One-on-one private discussion. No dogs present.

Group Discussions

$15 per person per 45-minute
Each new class will discuss a new topic on dog training or dogs in general. Some examples of topics include philosophy, puppy training, shaping, pressure, recall, attention, operant conditioning, leash work, retrieving work, discipline, when to use affection, and more. No dogs present. 3 participants minimum.