The entrance donated by Post 99 was complete at this time. The latest improvement at the community park was the installation of the lights on the pillars on each side of the new stone reentrance. In spite of the terrific heat, the grass was a vivid green and as smooth as velvet. The trees, especially the poplars, were, were seen to good advantage, flowers were blooming, little children in sun suits were running here and there, bright sweaters, socks of the men and the gay berets and sport frocks of the women golfers make colorful moving pictures on the green.

Birds were singing, a gopher darted across the path, a picnic party was starting a fire in the convenient stone stove, a tennis match was beginning, the pool was calling the swimmers and, the Sycamore Community Park is fulfilling its mission.

Derived from columns from the Sycamore True Republican saved and recorded by the Joiner History Room and the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Sycamore Park District. Articles were condensed and rewritten by Dan Gustafson with the intent to keep them as factual as the original.