On November 27, 1923, the Sycamore Board of Park Commissioners was elected and the park district was voted to be formed. On Monday, December 3, 1923 Judge Pond in county court canvassed the election returns. A total of 1,500 votes had been cast with 812 being yes and 688 being no.

It had passed by a margin of 8 percent. Judge Pond declared the district duly formed and the following were elected as commissioners: W.M. McAllister, Harold Engh, A.B. Gochenour, Rev. James O’May and A.E. Hammerschmidt. The members of the board took oath of office at the meeting on Wednesday, December 5 and elected W.M. McAllester as president, S.M. Henderson as secretary and Mrs. W.H. (Mertie) Simpson treasure. Lots were drawn to determine who would serve the six, four and two year terms.

It was reported that all members were enthusiastic and anxious to perform their duties to the full extent of their ability. It had been expressed by the voters on the referendum ballot that the park should be located on the east side of town. The board would go into the matter of site within the next few days. After the site had been determined and the cost approximated ascertained, bonds would be issued to pay for the site and some of the improvements.

It was evident from the expressions of the members of the board that trees, a swimming pool, ball diamond and tourists camp would be among the first things to be looked after.

A number of citizens had volunteered to pay the cost of obtaining and setting out a few large trees. It is evident that before the close of the coming year, Sycamore will have made a good start toward a beautiful public park.

Derived from columns from the Sycamore True Republican saved and recorded by the Joiner History Room and the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Sycamore Park District. Articles were condensed and rewritten by Dan Gustafson with the intent to keep them as factual as the original.